Random Thoughts on a Delightful Evening

  We sat on the grass of the lawn. All four of us, thinking about the dramatic ways in which the journey of life brings together people from different parts of the world, who would never have planned or even thought of witnessing any such event. In between four of us, there are three different mother tongues, three vastly different cultures, two distinct religion and two distinct nationalities are present. Few months back, if someone would have described such an event to me and asked “what is the probability of your presence in this event in near future?” I would have certainly and instantly answered “Zero”.
  Nan and Su (Exchange students from Myanmar) invited us (Ambuj and Pavan) for coffee that evening. Su made the coffee for all of us. I had no idea that a tea person like me who likes two and a half tea spoon sugar in a single small cup of tea would find a strong coffee with normal sugar in it (still very little amount from my perspective), so refreshing that he would be the one to finish it fastest. While sipping the hot beverage unknowingly we were being part of a group of people who celebrate 29th September as International coffee day. I really like and become excited about coincidences and the same happened when Pavan told me about this very coincidence the next day.

  When I searched about it I found following statement in the first line on its Wikipedia page:-“International Coffee Day is an annual event observed on September 29 in a handful of countries for the celebration and enjoyment of the popular beverage coffee”. India is not mentioned in the league of these handful of countries. In that article, several countries are mentioned with their own National Coffee Days but the most notable fact is that only Nepal from south Asia celebrates Coffee Day (on 17th November) of its own. While reading all this my “Tea Love” came out and compelled me to search about “International Tea Day” hoping to see India’s name listed, being one of the biggest producer and consumer of Tea. 
I found a four line Wikipedia article about it which mentioned in its third line that “The first International Tea Day was celebrated in New Delhi on 15 December 2005”. I was expecting a bigger article than Coffee day or at least a similar one, but I had to console myself that at least there exists one.

  None of the two nationalities (Indian and Myanmar) present that evening, were a part of those handful of countries which celebrate coffee day but still the fact that 29th September was the date on that day was quite intriguing to me.  Despite belonging to different countries and of being totally different in most of our life styles, we share a lot in common as humans.  Several behavioural aspects and responses to certain stimuli are same, the reason for which is attributed to the innate qualities given to all humans by Nature. We develop our own culture, language and religion but we are quite the same emotionally. We react in the same manner while feeling great or low irrespective of our surrounding or background. May be because those emotions are nothing but the outcome of our body chemistry which is same for all.

  But there is an irony going on here which I encountered recently when someone asked me “How do you describe an emotion”? He went on “Emotions, we try to express in words but are we really sure that what we are feeling and the word that we are using to express it are same for everyone?” Simply put, anger for me may not be the same as anger for someone else. Meaning that the word “joy” carries for me is not certainly the same meaning that it carries for someone else.

  Until now I only questioned the quantification for emotions but now the emotion itself is under question. And if we cannot precisely define our emotions and feelings then how can we say that all humans share same kind of feelings which are supposed to be innate to them. Despite of all that mess, one thing is sure that most humans are social beings and like meeting people. And I personally like meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. It marks my attraction towards novelty.  Something new is always exciting but charm reduces overtime. In words of a junkie “best high was the first time when I got stoned” rest was all just to reach that high but it never was the same. But junkie is always in the hope of getting to that high (equal to that of first time) one day so it is difficult for him/her to detach from the drug. But in life we easily loose hope that’s why with time novel starts turning into old and we start losing our attachment pretty easily with the running time and reducing charm.