Tour Mysore (Day-2)

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             It took me a long period of time to come back to complete this tale about the journey of the three students from IIIT-Bangalore to the Palace city- Mysore. A lot has been changed since then. One of our colleague Shravan, has already graduated and is working in a semiconductor company. By writing The Day Two I'm attempting to enjoy those moments once again.

             I ended my last post of this series when we took the bus from Chamundi Hills back to the city. It was a very nice scene of the city from the bus coming down the hill. Of all the lightening in the city, Mysore Palace was clearly distinguishable. We directly came back to our guest house and started sleeping as we were very tired.

Day 2 

Morning in Mysore

              The next day we got up early in the morning totally refreshed and ready for the real adventure which was going to be several kilometers outside the city. So we left the room at guest house along with all our stuff as we planned to return directly after this trip. Shravan took us to a nearby temple which he remembered from very long time back, but it seemed like closed maybe due to some construction going on there. Next we reached at a restaurant at about 6.00 am in the morning which was one of the rare ones which was serving at this time in the morning. Idli-sambhar, vada and tea, we refueled our engines fully as the journey was going to be tiring.
              We were going to board a bus from the Mysore to Gundlupet. And from there we had to go the temple of Venugopalaswamy betta temple at  Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta (betta is a kannada word meaning hill). 


             Gundlupet is a small town in the Chamarajanagar district of  Karnataka. It is about 60 kilometers from the district of Mysore. Bus from Mysore started around 7.30 am and reached at Gudlupet bus stand at about 10.00 am. 
           Here we came to know that there are only two buses that go to that temple and come back at specific timings. And we had to return also from the same bus within an hour probably. The specific times for the buses were
11:30 am and 3:00 pm. We were fortunate that we came early and were able to board 11:30 am bus to the temple otherwise it would have been tough for us meet our schedule.
              We had to spend about an hour and half on the bus stop to wait for the bus. We took something to eat from the shops on the bus stop and kept on getting bored for sometime and then suddenly bus came. We got excited and ran towards it. Bus was not in a very great condition. But it was in good enough for normal road situations in India.               
              Bus started moving, it was a half lane road. We came in front to take the view from the hill properly. The only similarity between the yesterday's Chamundi Hills journey to this was that we were going to visit a temple on a hill. Everything else was very different. This journey was much more challenging. The road was very narrow and in a bad condition. Turns were very sharp. And also bus had to stop and make way if there was some vehicle coming down the hill. Everyone was calm and I guess the piece signified that all of us were a little thrilled.            
             Finally, after a thrilling and adventurous journey which was really intriguing to me, we reached at our destination. There were spots where I really wanted to get down from the bus and just look at the natural beauty for sometime. Sometimes or rather I should say most of the time, the hurry involved in reaching to the final point takes away all the fun that comes before that particular juncture. This is true in several aspects of life. Student life suffers as the fun in learning is subdued by the preparation for exams. We make strategies to cut short the in-between journey and reach to destination as soon as possible, never realizing what we really missed by doing so.
 Ambuj, Pavan and Shravan
We reached the top of the hill at the temple. It was a very nice scene around from there. We were filled with joy of being in nature's lap. We did not have any camera. But still we took some bad quality pictures from the tablet camera as a token of memory.

We spent about one and half hour there then we had to come back with the bus. Also we wanted to go to "Bandipur National Park" before returning back to Mysore.

Bandipur National Park

 After coming back from the temple we headed towards the Bandipur National Park. But sadly we did not have enough time to really go through the jungle and witness the thrill. We did not see any species from animal kingdom that day in all 1-2 hours that we spend in the park other and homo-sapiens (Humans) and monkeys. 
             There were small guest houses for tourists to stay and explore the jungle for days. They also had the arrangement for safari inside the jungle but we were running short of time to wait for the safari that was going to start in the evening. I came to know that we were very near to ooty. It is about 50 km away. 
          We returned to Mysore from bus and took train for Bangalore in the evening. While returning once again I was feeling a little sad. I do not know why, we always feel a profound sorrow in each and every event of detachment that we come across despite of being fully aware of the fact that detachment is sempiternal.


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