Need to Synchronize with our daily Biological Rhythms

Sometimes also referred as circadian rhythm or biological temporal rhythms, is one of those precious natural gifts given to living world which is better used by animal world rather than human race.
Nature is such an amazing example of a perfect system, even a tiny part of which I guess we cannot even think to mathematically model in near future in anyway, even if our computing powers rose to exponential heights. Why go so far, till date we have not yet been able to decode our body machine itself, such a magnificent example of perfectly automated machinery. And we are still way too far from gaining any certain knowledge about the functioning of our small but miraculous brains.
These statements about human race may sound a little cynical but are not intended to do so. These are necessary just to make us all aware that our knowledge and ages of experience about nature and our surrounding is just the tip of the iceberg. And we certainly need to come in terms with the nature’s laws on several fronts in our lives without questioning, if we want to live a healthy life with sound physical and mental state of the body.
Bragging about working hard is none less than fooling yourself if you are not taking care of your daily biological clock. If you think that by working all night and sleeping few hours in the morning you are doing a great job, then my friend you certainly are unaware of the truth. By doing so, and this is a fact, you are giving only forty percent of your potential output. Along with this you are risking your body and thus life to many unforeseen causalities.
We, considering ourselves 21 century people, forget several lessons given to us by our forefathers. But while doing so we also forget the fact that our predecessors were more tightly connected to nature and their surroundings and probably had more deep and profound understanding of Nature and its laws. And fortunately in our own country India still there exist the text and knowledge which was collected by our predecessors who were living along with nature in full synchronization with it.
This ancient but relevant knowledge of India which tells us about getting up early, exercising, meditating and several tactics of maintaining work-life balance, can easily be found in thousands of books, written by hundreds of writers in almost all the languages.
This is our responsibility to keep our mind, body and soul in their perfect shape. And this can only be achieved if we respect nature and its laws and synchronize our daily schedule in conformity with our biological clock.
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