History that changed our Future

Part 1

 Part 2

These are the two parts of one of the most influential and thoughtful documentaries I have ever come across on you tube. It reveals that necessary part of the history which changed the entire humanity. And it points out so many things that we don't know that happened during these times.

         History has always fascinated our minds. We learn through it. We cherish and gain experience through it. And most of the time we come across several facts that contradict our thinking about humanity and the whole world. Most of the answers that we are seeking for, are hidden somewhere in the pages of history books or such documentaries. Events that took place in past are indicators of how our future is going to be.
          Someone’s mistake becomes someone else’s opportunity. Lack of vision prevents someone from being at the top and at the same time a little bit of futuristic vision and approach makes great fortunes. It’s all just the power of understanding and thoughtful vision of a human brain that creates a huge difference between one’s present and future.
            I hope we all shall learn from our past and prosper in the best way possible.