The Habit of "Following"

                      The human race has evolved so much on the basis of following and learning from the past. As soon as we enter into this mortal world we start following what we see around us.  We all should be thankful to the God almighty that out of all the races, human race is best at following and hence they are the best learners. The credit of us being the most powerful, developed and organized living creatures may be attributed to this amazing property of us i.e. following.
                 This is the only reason that made us able to enjoy far better life on the earth as compared to the other creatures. This is the reason because of which a five year old kid is able to use all those past discoveries and inventions which were discovered or
invented by his own predecessors who worked for several years or even more for these discoveries and inventions. Edison made ten thousands attempts and after that he succeeded to create a bulb but now for us it is based on simple basic physics that we all understand. It means after Edison has made it possible, we can learn it just in no time. This is what following is all about. It saves time. We follow, learn and take advantages of the experiences that we never had.
             Despite of all these positive effects there is a Dark side too. Excess of anything is perilous and same may be the case here too. This idea leads us to a very important question "Is following always correct?". Or there is a point after reaching at which we should stop and think? Here thinking means a lot. We should be aware that what we are following. We also need to know that why are we following a particular thing or person. There are several such unanswered questions demanding our concern. But the effect of this very habit of “following” is so deep rooted that these questions never strike our minds. We don’t even think about where we are headed. We just follow the others and want to cross them. But what if the one we are following is on the wrong path. There is no point in crossing him rather the point is that the more we come near to that person the more distant we are from our goal.
              There is always a feeling of competition and race accompanied with the advancement. Human kind, being the most advanced specie on the earth is obsessed with this feeling of competition. Everyone wants to be ahead of everyone else but no one cares about the grounds on which he wants to be ahead. No one cares about "what this competition is all about " and "Is this competition related to his own ambition".  
             This is the point where the roll of "Pause" comes. Following, Competition and Race etc. all such things are good because it gives the pace to the further advancement but these things ought to be controlled and thoughtful. We must always first think about our ambition and then after we should decide whether to participate in a race or not.
              We should show concern about self advancement and self satisfaction. And these things can only be achieved only if we are moving in the right direction. We can appreciate the roll of the direction in which we are headed by heeding on the meaning of “GAYATRI MANTRA” which asks the almighty power to guide ourselves in the right direction. Most of us recite this mantra daily but only few of us understand the meaning of it. I hope that all of us will start thinking about the purpose of this mantra along with its recitation. We shall make our lives much better then, as compared to what it is today.