Your Choice :Be an Employee or An Employer

                  Today world is changing at the pace comparable to blinking of eyes.  Economies enjoying a large acclivity today may fall down steeply the next day.No doubt that despite of all these things several companies have gained a lot and are still gaining lot more but a bigger risk factor is involved everywhere in business these days.Not more than a year ago Kingfisher was considered one of the biggest airlines in INDIA. But today they are facing one of the biggest downfall, Indian business world has ever witnessed.At the same time an INDIAN company Airtel has become world's third biggest communication firm.

                    I am not writing today just to give account of who is performing better and who is not. Today I would like to draw the attention of all towards the situation of an employee working everyday for his employer on a mere wage without caring about what is the amount he is originally earning for his firm. Unaware of this fact that the amount that he earns from his firm is a very tiny part of what he is bringing into the pocket of his employer he works for all day. Despite of that If company gains profit they get a little part and if it goes in loss they are the ones to loose their jobs.They work hard and still they live in fear.
                  An yet there is a lot of competition among the students of our colleges to get these jobs in the form of placement or by any other means. They are fighting for these pity position that one of them is going to hold and going to be considered lucky by the general mob. But I find him the most unlucky person who is unaware about his own value. According to me we should focus more on following our own dreams rather than working for the desire of someone else. This must have been the thinking  of VSS Mani, the founder of "" which is the first Indian firm to open its office in USA.
                   Nothing is easy to get. Someone may make excuses but the other may make use of such ideas. And as far as the Entrepreneurship (Being an Employer) is concerned most students would say we don't have enough money but I would like to tell them that for "" which was initially based only on telephone , Mani didn't had even Rs 15000 to get a phone line under OYT. He by all means managed to pay Rs 3000 for OYT and waited for a whole year to get a phone line. It was started with a capital of Rs 50000 and some borrowed furniture and now it has crossed the valuation of Rs 500 crores . Hence Capital can not be bar for those who want to be an entrepreneur and really have a unique and practicable idea for this.

    This was just one example.There are several such examples prevailing in your surrounding, the one that is coming in my mind right now is of Sanjeev Bikhchandani founder of I was reading on few days ago about ten best recent start ups of the world and I was happy and surprised to see that most of them (I don't remember the exact number but at least four) were from India.

     Finally I would like to quote a famous line that "where there is a will, there is always a way".
So step forward.Don't always be a follower of someone else. Follow your heart. If a business idea is entering in your mind, let it enter, be with it, think on it and check if it is practicable. And never forget that you could be the next entrepreneur who is reaping the millions from what he has sown in few thousands.