Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Sexual Objectification" : A common practice

I was literally shocked after watching this video not because it is something that is very new to me (being an Indian) but because how ignorant I was towards such an issue which was always there in my surrounding.

I never thought that this is something going on around me which is not good. Sometimes when something which is very common around you, you never think about questioning its impact, whether it is wrong or right. These unquestioned issues are so deep rooted that we don't even consider them as problems.
             Apart from this, there is one more thing which acted as a very big disappointing factor for

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tour Mysore

Showing all traits of being techies, we came up with a very sound plan for our trip. On the eve of the inception of our journey all three of us (Ambuj, Pavan and Shravan ) acquainted ourselves once again with the plan and parted with the agreement on starting at 4:30 am next morning.
      But as we all know, plans are called so because we never expect them to be same while executing. I was