Saturday, March 31, 2012

Being More than Normal

      As a student most of us always desire to live a normal life in future.This is manifestation of  one of the very common and most loved habit of the creatures of animal kingdom and  that is "being fond of comfort"or in other words " Laziness". This is not only our problem but this is the problem of the whole nation leaving few exceptions. And today in a country of more than 130 million individuals these few exceptions are not enough.At least if we are depending on exceptions then we should be standing in support of them. The scenario these days is quite wretched. People don't want their children to go for any change. They just want them to follow others and most of us are doing the same. We are just following others without giving any thoughts to the question   "where our country is going?".

Friday, March 30, 2012

Your Choice :Be an Employee or An Employer

                  Today world is changing at the pace comparable to blinking of eyes.  Economies enjoying a large acclivity today may fall down steeply the next day.No doubt that despite of all these things several companies have gained a lot and are still gaining lot more but a bigger risk factor is involved everywhere in business these days.Not more than a year ago Kingfisher was considered one of the biggest airlines in INDIA. But today they are facing one of the biggest downfall, Indian business world has ever witnessed.At the same time an INDIAN company Airtel has become world's third biggest communication firm.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Success and You

     Sometimes I am compelled by the situations in my life, to think that what should I do to get to that point. It seems like a mirage. When I see this point coming towards me i feel happiness and move faster to get to it.But alas! what i find is that this point is still a long distance apart.Certainly a normal human reaction comes out in the form of anger. But after few moments a question arises that why am I angry? and suppose if  that point is success and I am angry because i failed to succeed, then the next moment a news question comes that the expression coming on my face is meant for whom?Is it for myself? Am I angry at myself or the situation or something else? Or is it meaningless to be angry at all?
     Several sessions of introspection and deep contemplation results into the answer which is hidden in the last question itself. And coincidentally the final result that comes through this analysis is in direct synchronization with one of the lines of the holy GEETA.
       Here introspection and contemplation means factual quantitative analysis of various aspects which are related to lead us to the point of success in our lives. And this detailed analysis of mine I can summarize briefly under two headings:
- first those points which we can control and second
- uncontrollable points