Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NOT A single Drop of tear

Sometimes I think this is all worthless. Nothing matters if the world I am living in is like this.
I want this, I want that and I want much more than what I have right now and I am working hard for it. I am determined to get it for sure. But why am I not feeling fed up at all at any point in this journey. When shall I get to that point when I would feel no more requirements?
                When I was in the school I wanted a college, when I am in the college then I am trying for a better college after this and then I want a job. And to me even job is not the end I want something of my own providing jobs to others.  When I felt alone I made friends, when I got a little older I wanted a girlfriend, when I shall get it, definitely  I shall start looking forward to marriage, then settlement , then a large accumulation of money, then may be kids. What else? I am adding day by day something new to my plan for a better life. But the question that has shaken me today is that “is this all going to provide me a happy and peaceful life?”